The Legend of the Nine Warrior Koi Fish (1)

According to Japanese folklore is an old story of the nine holy Koi, whose quest was to endure the long arduous journey to Dragon Gate magical transformation to become protectors of the Emperor Dragon.
These nine Koi began their journey in a small stream, near the palace of the Emperor, where he played young Koi. At an early age the daughter of Emperor Koi swim with the stream and they would share stories of their children and their travel dreams for the future of Japan.

So convincing were the stories that created the Koi Princess was totally dedicated to her, agreeing among them, to make sure that your childhood dreams come to fruition when it became more. As the Koi became stronger and wiser than they heard about the mystical powers of Dragon Gate and dreamed of one day making the journey along the Yellow River to become a dragon in their quest to protect the empire. Koi elders tell stories of the perilous journey along the Yellow River and the tremendous strength that Koi have to endure the climb to the Dragon Gate swim against the strongest currents known and most powerful jumping any known waterfall.

Nine Warrior Koi Fish began his rigorous training hard without delay so that one day could make the trip to the Dragon Gate.

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