The Legend of the Nine Warrior Koi Fish (3)

Akihitos Tale

As a young Koi, Akihito was clearly going to be a leader in life, he was very confident and strong and he bore the markings of a true warrior. Fellow Koi would always seek him to be in his company, it was always good to be seen to be with Akihito. There are many tales in existence recalling the adventures of Akihito but none of them as famous as the day he discovered the Princess in distress whilst swimming in the palace lakes at a very young age.

As Akihito raced along the white waters of the adjoining rivers with his fellow Koi, he sensed an unusual movement in the water, a kind of vibration that he had never felt before, it was a ripple carried by a warm summer breeze along the surface of the river…within the breeze was a feeling of anguish, Akihito was alert and swam into action.

As he approached the imperial lakes he sensed the vibration and anguish heightening to a frenzy, Akihito swam like never before using all of his might to reach the source of the vibration. His frantic journey took him to the shores of the palace lakes, an area where Koi were told never to go, the waters around the lakes were patrolled by guards who were instructed to ward off any unfamiliar fish by the Emperor, it was known to be a dangerous place to venture by all Koi.

Within minutes of first sensing the ripple, Akihito arrived at the source of the skirmish…it was a little girl and she had fallen into the lake. Not able to swim at such a young age the Princess was forbidden to venture near the banks of the waters surrounding the Palace, but it was clear that in her determination to have adventure in her young life, that she had befallen danger and entered into the deepest of the lakes to the North of the Palace.

Akihito, the strongest of the young Koi fish, swam to the aide of the young Princess, flipping her onto his back she clung to him for her dear life until he reached the shore of the Northern Lake, as he approached he sensed more danger as the guards and the Emperor were running to find where the Princess had ventured to. As they approached they saw the most magical sight, the Princess was riding on a large Koi fish, she was distressed but safe.

From that day on, the Emperor opened up the grounds and lakes to the Koi fish, a decision which brought great reverence to Akihito, he was now known as
the brave warrior Koi…the once forbidden areas of the Palace Lakes were now their home waters, they had the pardon of the Empire to swim freely within.

These events changed the lives of the Koi fish and the Princess and also brought colour and richness to the Palace Lakes like there had never been before, the waters were abundant with all manner of Koi who filled the once lifeless lakes with a rainbow of colour.

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